‘I’m a car expert – homemade test that takes less than a minute could prevent MOT fail’

A motoring expert has claimed a simple homemade check which can be done on every vehicle and every driveway may help diagnose a major problem ahead of an MOT test. 

Warren Edwards, national car buying manager at Money4YourMotors stressed pushing down on a car bonnet is a simple way to quickly identify issues with their car suspension without needing a mechanic.

This is one of the key parts tested on an MOT test with any problems likely to result in a vehicle failing the exam. 

Receiving a fail certificate effectively renders the vehicle out of action with owners only allowed to use the car to drive back to the garage. 

It means identifying issues and getting these fixed before a test can save drivers mountains of hassle. 

Warren said: “If you suspect that you have an issue with your suspension, shocks and springs, then there are a number of checks you can conduct to determine the issue before it’s time for your MOT test. 

“If your vehicle is pulling to one side while driving, this could be a sign that your shock absorbers need changing.

“Another test to check your suspension is a bounce test. By pushing your weight down onto your car’s bonnet will tell you if there’s a problem. 

“Your car should do no more than three bounces, so any more and you may need to take it to your local garage.” 

According to BookMyGarage, the leading car service and repairs comparison site online, replacing a shock absorber could cost motorists hundreds of pounds. 

The experts have valued the work at between £350 – £400 but warned that prices can range from £200 to £600. 

Repairs will likely be a “little more expensive” if the vehicle’s entire suspension mounts also need to be replaced. 

According to Money4YourMotors, MOT failures relating to underperforming shock absorbers are more common in Oxfordshire. 

The problem is responsible for 8.6 percent of failures in the region compared to the national average of 7.4 percent. 

According to the latest figures, almost 30,000 MOT tests in the region flagged issues with shock absorbers. 

Warren added: “The Government data shows a clear connection between the condition of local roads and MOT failures related to the suspension of vehicles in Oxfordshire so drivers in the area should be wary when on the road.”

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