Fuel-saving tip can boost efficiency by up to two percent

Petrol and diesel owners can increase their fuel efficiency by up to two percent through a simple technique anyone can do today. 

Experts at Xcite Car Leasing have stressed that simply cleaning a car and removing excess weight across the vehicle could make a massive difference. 

Storing items in the boot or carrying around heavy bike racks will weigh down the vehicle which in turn will use more fuel. 

According to the specialists, simply removing heavy items can cut consumption by as much as two percent, saving motorists pennies at the forecourt. 

The experts said: “The heavier your vehicle is the more fuel it will take to move it. If you are travelling with a roof box, bike racks or excess luggage, make sure you remove it when you have arrived at your destination to avoid using more petrol. 

“50kg of extra weight can increase fuel consumption by one to two percent, so best for efficiency to remove everything you won’t be using that day.”

A quick New Year clean-up of the inside of a car and taking out any heavy items can therefore make a massive difference and help save motorists money in the long run. 

Car specialists at Halfords explained why weight can play such a vital role on the road, revealing that extra drag can cause havoc with economy rates.

Halfords commented: “Excess weight on your vehicle uses more fuel, creating a drag and impacting rolling resistance. 

“As a result, it’s important that anything you are not using is removed, such as any clutter in the boot.”

However, specialists have predicted that removing heavy items will not lead to wild savings. 

Instead, owners are expected to keep an extra £24 in their back pockets per year even if their car is travelling at the perfect weight.

Sal Patel, spokesperson from Finest Car Mats, came to the assessment earlier this year.

He said: “If you have run out of storage space in your home and you are using your car boot as a little bit of extra storage you are using more fuel than you should be.  

“Every extra 100 lbs of weight in your car makes it one percent less fuel efficient. Having a cluttered car could be costing you £12 to £24 in fuel each year.”

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