French Open LIVE: Grand Slam row explodes as Iga Swiatek embarrasses opponent | Tennis | Sport

Iga Swiatek is the latest French Open star to call out the tournament’s organisers after Novak Djokovic was forced to play until 3.07am last night.

The Serb insisted that he was unbothered by the delayed start time, but Swiatek claimed that more consideration needs to be given to the players’ post-match schedule, urging for matches to begin earlier in the day.

When asked if tennis need to do more to prevent such late finishes, Swiatek said: “Well, that’s true. Obviously, everybody kind of thinks about themselves, and that’s why I was always looking from the player’s perspective.

“It’s not easy to play and then it’s not like we’re going to fall asleep one hour after the match. Usually it takes us, like, four hours to even chill, and you need to do recovery, media. It’s not like the work ends when the match point.

“Yeah, I was always one of the players that said that we should start a little bit earlier. Also, I don’t know if the fans are watching these matches if they have to go to work next day or something when the matches are finishing at 2am. or 3am.

“It’s not up to us. We need to accept anything that is going to come to us.”

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