Vijayakanth Funeral: Slipper Flung at Thalapathy Vijay as He Pays Last Respects to His Mentor (Watch Video)

Tamil superstar Thalapathy Vijay, who recently attended the funeral of his mentor Vijaykanth, was mobbed by a rowdy crowd and mediapersons. One person even flung a slipper directed at the actor at the event. Vijay looked hassled as he navigated through a sea of cameramen and reporters to where Vijaykanth’s body was kept, surrounded by his family. The emotional actor spoke with Vijaykanth’s family and touched his glass coffin. He took a few seconds to see Vijaykanth one last time before going back to the crowd again. Vijayakanth Funeral: Shoe Thrown at Thalapathy Vijay by Unidentified Person Sparks Outrage; Fans Condemn Disrespectful Behaviour Towards Actor (Watch Viral Video).

The video was shared on X by a fan of Vijay, which shows the police and his security personnel trying their best to keep him guarded, as a few people in the crowd tried to touch the actor. As he tried to enter his car, a slipper was flung at him. However, his security guard caught it and threw it back to where it came from. Fans of the superstar and people at large are upset at the mistreatment of Vijay. One user wrote, “He’s unable to even pay homage properly. Can understand fans’ love, but this is not the right time guys… The price the celebrities have to pay.” Vijayakanth Funeral Update: Kamal Haasan Pays Last Respects to the Late Tamil Actor (Watch Video).

Shoe Thrown At Vijay:

Another wrote, “OMG…#Captain fans are so aggressive…didn’t know this..Why??? Any idea?” A third user wrote, “There is a place and time for everything… All celeb fans have to show restraint and dignity when their idols come to pay their respects.”

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