Top Banker Reveals Why XRP Price Will Rise 390,000% To $2,500

Crypto analyst Egrag Crypto recently shared an interesting story of his discussion with a top banker regarding the XRP price. The discussion centered around XRP, with Egrag and the banker analyzing how the altcoin could be worth $2,500 in the near future. 

XRP Price To $2,500 Is A Possibility

Talks about XRP hitting $2,500 arose when the banker challenged Egrag to explain how 40,000 XRP could end up equalling $100 million. The banker was aware of Egrag’s knowledge of technical analysis and, from the story, seemed to have posed the question to see if Egrag believed XRP could attain such heights of $2,500.

The crypto analyst took up the challenge and explained to the banker, using a chart that he shared in his post, how XRP will hit $2,500. Egrag did justice with his explanation as the banker had nodded in agreement. The banker also went on to pinpoint how the financial cycles were aligned for the token to achieve this price action.

From the chart, the XRP price hitting this price level could happen by 2029. That is why the banker sees the altcoin as a long-term investment, as he says that holding the altcoin till then could yield incredible rewards. The crypto analyst provided insights into this banker’s wealth of experience as he is said to boast connections across all spheres in the banking and finance sector. 

The banker had also alluded to how Ripple’s CTO, David Schwartz, had raised the prospect of 40,000 ETH being equal to $100 million. Then, it might have sounded implausible to many, but it has somehow materialized. He sees the same thing happening with XRP, just that this time, it could take longer, considering that ETH hit $2,500 in a shorter period. 

Token price still showing strength  Source: XRPUSD on

Holders Need To Be More Patient 

Egrag has continued to reiterate that patience is key if XRP holders want to enjoy huge returns on their holdings. Going by this recent prediction, the XRP price could make a 390,000% gain for investors by 2029. However, it will require a lot of belief and perseverance if these holders hope to partake in such a mammoth gain. 

In the meantime, the analyst is encouraging the community to accumulate as much XRP as they can. He stated that the banker told him that the crypto token could be the “ultimate savior” for liquidity when the tides slow down. This is a possibility, especially considering that a crypto founder had recently asserted that the crypto will surpass Bitcoin. 

At the time of writing, the XRP price is trading at around $0.64, up by over 3% in the last 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap. 

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