People just discovered the reason bottle caps are different colours

Most of us have never really given a second thought to why our water bottle caps come in different colours until now.

Hydration is essential, and for those constantly on the go, a disposable water bottle is often the solution to quenching thirst.

But have you ever scrutinised your bottle cap and wondered about its colour?

The mystery has been solved on TikTok, where a viral post has sparked widespread curiosity after revealing the reason behind the varied hues topping our bottled waters, reports the Daily Star.

In a video posted by @sasha.mints, it was disclosed that a white cap indicates the water has undergone “processed”, while a green cap denotes “flavour has been added.”

A blue cap means you’re drinking “spring” water, and a black cap signifies alkaline water.

The revelation left users astonished. One commented: “Wow – I had no idea.”

Another added: “Oh that’s smart – I never knew that!”

A third concurred: “I had no idea. Now I’ll be checking all the caps.”

And a fourth expressed gratitude: “Thank you for this.”

A simple Google search corroborates the TikToker’s claims, which is handy information for those mindful of their dietary intake.

For the diet-conscious, being aware of what you’re ingesting is key. So next time, take a moment to glance at the cap before making your water bottle purchase.

If you’re wondering which is the healthiest choice, mineral water and alkaline water are touted as the best options due to their ability to provide essential nutrients to the body.

In conclusion, there’s more to water than meets the eye, so think twice before picking up a bottle from the supermarket next time!

Who would have thought there was so much to know?

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