New car tax changes catching hundreds out as costs rise

Hundreds of motorists have admitted they were not unaware that major changes had been made to car tax fees which will affect almost all petrol and diesel owners. 

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED, or more commonly referred to as car tax) fees increased on April 1 in line with Retail Price Index (RPI) inflation with drivers across the board paying more. 

Charges increased by around six percent with those to the keys of the most polluting cars paying the most.

However, a new poll of over 1,000 respondents found that over a quarter completely missed the update. 

A staggering 28.7 percent of those polled answered no when asked if they were aware of the new VED changes in April. 

But not everyone had missed the announcement with 69.72 percent of motorists confirming they had seen the changes. 

Express reader @emjayuu said: “Doesn’t it rise every year? I’ve never known it go down, so even if you weren’t aware how much it was rising by you should expect it was rising – and not by an insignificant amount.”

@baphomet added: “I knew in January when they emailed me as I pay monthly. It’s announced in the yearly budget amongst other things. You can always be sure as a motorist your costs will rise every year.”

Motorists who have purchased brand new cars emitting over 255g/km of CO2 have been hit with the biggest rise, with year one fees going up from £2,605 to £2,745 in a staggering £140 increase this month.

Standard fees for cars registered after April 2017 are up £10 per year but older models are also impacted. Those with vehicles which were manufactured between 2001 and 2017 will pay up to £40 more with the highest charges rising from £695 to £735, while classic cars registered after 1984 will also pay up to £20 more depending on the size of their engine. 

The new rates were not warmly welcomed by road users with many blasting the shocking rises. However, many drivers were adamant they would not be switching to electric cars even though non-polluting models are still exempt from VED charges until 2025.

@Imsethorus12 commented: “Another tax on rural dwellers, who have few buses, no taxis, limited access to trains!”

@petedcab wrote: “So let’s see, sell my 15-year-old VW Diesel and pay out £400 a month on an EV I have no way of charging at home to save £140 a year. Count me in.”

@mastertech1970 posted: “Why should electric car owners pay nothing when their heavy vehicles do more damage to roads than conventional cars.”

@incendiary remarked: “EVs are an even [worse] option than giving up on ICEs.”

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