Make tomato sauce less acidic with simple hack using ingredient you likely already have

If you struggle with acid reflux or simply want to make your tomato sauce a little milder, there is one trick that will completely change the way you make your pasta sauce.

The natural acidity of tomatoes affects the acidity level of tomato sauce, and for this reason, Italians predominantly use plum tomatoes for making their sauce.

Roma tomatoes have slightly lower acidity compared to other varieties, which is useful to know when choosing fresh tomatoes for homemade tomato sauce.

For instance, fresh tomatoes with lower sugar content tend to taste more acidic and are often heirloom tomatoes.

Most people turn to sugar as a way to counteract the acidity of their sauce, but there is another ingredient that works just as well.

Baking soda neutralises the acidity in tomatoes, enhancing the sauce’s flavour.

Add it in small amounts and cook the sauce for a few minutes after each addition.

Taste and add more if necessary, but note that the sauce’s acidity will vary based on the quality of the tomatoes and paste used.

Another common technique to balance the acidity of the sauce is by adding sweet ingredients to add natural sweetness.

This could include minced carrots, roasted garlic, roasted onions or even caramelised onions.

These ingredients not only enhance the depth of flavour in your sauce but also naturally help to lower its acidity.

Otherwise, you can always include creamy elements in your sauce as a way to make it milder. For example, heavy cream provides a rich texture and a comforting appeal.

When preparing a tomato-based sauce, consider adding a splash of heavy cream towards the end of cooking.

This will help to balance the flavours and produce a silky sauce that is less acidic on the palate.

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