Lovense Mini Sex Machine Review: All the Key Features at an Affordable Price

Sex machines are usually an investment. They cost several hundred dollars, involve complicated machinery, and take up so much space in your home that you’d only really want one if you planned to make regular use of it. But if there was ever going to be a sex machine for people who have a more casual interest, the Lovense Mini Sex Machine might just be the one.

The Lovense Mini is in the category of devices primarily designed to simulate penetration. A long rod with a dildo on the end is attached to a motor that repeatedly thrusts forward. Devices like this can be pretty bulky, in part because the force required to maintain penetration is deceptively substantial. Weak motors can strain against the human body, and if the devices themselves don’t have a way to stabilize themselves, the motor can end up pushing the device away from the person, rather than thrusting inside.

This is what makes Lovense’s mini version of its flagship sex machine so impressive. The main body of the machine is about a foot long, and the stabilizing legs are similarly less than a foot tall. When taken apart, the whole thing can neatly fit in the back corner of a closet or a wide drawer, and when assembled, it’s small enough to comfortably fit on a bed without getting in the way. Combined with a $400 price—hundreds less than most comparable sex machines—it’s one of the most compelling devices in this sex toy space.

Who’s This for?

A part of the challenge in justifying a sex machine purchase is that every body has different needs. What feels great for one person might not do much for another. So, we can get this out of the way up front: If penetration doesn’t do much for you, then this machine probably isn’t for you. Other machines like the Motorbunny Buck are designed to provide penetration and vibration, so that might be a better direction to look if you want a different kinds of stimulation.

If penetration is something you enjoy, however, then the Lovense Mini Sex Machine has a surprising amount to offer. Despite its small size, Lovense claims the motor reaches up to 260 thrusts per minute, and in my testing that was a very slight underestimate. In practice, the device regularly hits between 270 to 280 thrusts per minute at its maximum speed.

The stroke length is also adjustable, though the process is a bit complicated. It requires removing the panel on the side of the device and using an Allen wrench to adjust a bolt that holds the thrusting rod to the motor. At its maximum, it can thrust forward up to three inches, and closer to an inch at the low end.

While the stroke length doesn’t affect the thrusts per minute much, it has a pronounced impact on how buck-wild this machine gets. When set to longer stroke lengths and at the highest speeds, the motor could shake the machine right off a table. On most moderate speeds and lengths, this wasn’t an issue, but it’s something to keep in mind when you’re using this machine while it’s not on a table.

Photograph: Lovense

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