JEE Advanced Result 2024: Manya Jain topper of IIT Kanpur zone, ‘Bright Minds Scholarships’ launched for top 100 | Competitive Exams

To facilitate the All-India Top 100 rank-holders in seeking admission at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT-K), the institution has rolled out a scholarship so that no meritorious student faces financial barriers to their academic pursuits. JEE Advanced Results Live Updates

JEE Advanced Results 2024: IIT Kanpur announces ‘Bright Minds Scholarships’ for top 100 rank-holders. (HT file image)

IIT-K congratulated outstanding achievers of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Advanced 2024 and lauded praise for Ved Lahoti of IIT Delhi zone who topped in the Common Rank List (CRL) by obtaining 355 out of 360 marks, and also to Dwija Dharmeshkumar Patel of IIT Bombay zone who is the top-ranked female candidate with CRL 7. She obtained 332 out of 360 marks.

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This year, Manya Jain has emerged as the top performer from the Kanpur Zone, who secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 75, followed by Shubham Nair (AIR 131), Garv Chaudha (AIR 163), Shreshtha Gupta (AIR 191), and Siddharth Aggarwal (AIR 306). Among female candidates, Shreshtha Gupta has secured an AIR of 191, making her the highest-ranking female candidate in the zone.

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4926 candidates from Kanpur zone qualified, 344 more than last year

Out of the 21,634 candidates registered from the Kanpur Zone, which was coordinated by IIT Kanpur, 21,169 appeared for the examination, and 4,926 successfully qualified. This marks a significant achievement for the zone, reflecting the high standards of preparation and dedication among the students, the institute claimed in a press release. Specifically, 17,700 male candidates registered, 17,333 appeared, and 4,338 qualified. Likewise, 3,934 female candidates registered, 3,843 appeared, and 590 qualified. Last year from the Kanpur zone, a total of 22955 candidates appeared for JEE Advanced, out of which, 4582 qualified.

‘Bright Minds Scholarships’

IIT Kanpur announced to continue its special ‘Bright Minds Scholarships’ for the All-India Top 100 rank-holders of JEE Advanced 2024 for the fourth consecutive year. The scholarships, generously supported by alumnus Lokvir Kapoor, were introduced in 2021 to ensure that no meritorious student faces financial barriers to their academic pursuits.

Prof Manindra Agrawal, director of IIT Kanpur said, “I congratulate all the toppers and successful candidates of the JEE Advanced. Your dedication and hard work have brought you to this significant milestone. IIT Kanpur’s ‘Bright Minds Scholarships’ is our commitment to support and nurture the brightest minds in the country, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder your academic journey. As you embark on this journey into the world of science, engineering, and technology, we at IIT Kanpur look forward to guiding and supporting you in your pursuit of excellence”.

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This ‘Bright Minds Scholarship’ offers ten prestigious and highly sought-after academic scholarships to students who secure admission into B Tech/BS Programs at IIT Kanpur for the academic year 2024. Each eligible student will receive an annual scholarship of 3 lakh, covering their expenses throughout their undergraduate program. The scholarship will be awarded for all four years of the UG program, provided the students maintain a minimum Cumulative Performance Index (CPI) of 8.0.

IIT Madras zone has max successful candidates

A maximum of 11,180 candidates from IIT Madras zone have successfully qualified for the exam including 4 candidates among the top 10 including Bhogalapalli Sandesh (CRL: 3), 25 candidates in the top 100, some 53 in the top 200, about 88 in the top 300, another 112 in the top 400 and 145 in the top 500.

From IIT Delhi, a total of 10,255 candidates cracked the exam. Two students in the top 10 including Ved Lahoti CRL:1, some 29 in the top 100, another 60 in the top 200, some 82 in the top 300, about 104 in the top 400, and 122 in the top 500.

From IIT Bombay, 9480 students passed the exam. Three students including Rajdeep Mishra CRL:6 among the top 10, some 30 students in the top 100, 60 students in the top 200, another 85 in the top 300, some 111 in the top 400, and 136 in the top 500.

From IIT Roorkee, 5136 students have cracked the exam. There is one student in the top 10 including Rhythm Kedia CRL:4, nine students in the top 100, some 13 students in the top 200, some 27 in the top 300, about 38 in the top 400, and 48 in the top 500.

There are no toppers in the top 10 from the IIT Kanpur zone, but one candidate in the top 100 – Manya Jain who got an AIR of 75. There are four among the top 200, another 4 in the top 300, about 12 among the top 400, and another 17 in the top 500.

From IIT Bhubaneswar, 4811 students cracked the exam. There are no students in the top 10, only 4 in the top 100 including Matcha Balaaditya (CRL:11), eight in the top 200, ten students in the top 300, some 18 students in the top 400, and 27 in the top 500.

From IIT Guwahati, 2458 students passed the exam with no students among the top 10, two students each in the top 100 and 200 respectively, four students in the top 300, and five students in the top 400 and top 500 respectively.

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