‘I’m a baker and have been making the same carrot cake for decades’

If you’re on the hunt for the best carrot cake recipe, look no further.

A Tiktok baker, @bromabakery, has shared her family favourite recipe that she has stuck behind for years, claiming it’s the “best carrot cake recipe ever”.

The recipe promises a moist, slightly spiced cake loaded with carrots, pineapple, raisins, coconut, and cinnamon, all topped with a tangy cream cheese frosting.

In her caption, the baker said: “My mom has been making this loaded carrot cake since before I was born, and despite being a recipe developer, it’s the only carrot cake I make to this day because it’s just THAT good.”

This carrot cake stands out due to its perfect balance of warm spices and bright, acidic notes.

The sweetened coconut flakes enhance the tropical flavors of the pineapple, while the high sugar content ensures a tender crumb.

The use of vegetable oil instead of butter keeps the cake exceptionally moist, allowing it to stay fresh for up to five days in the fridge.

Importantly, the recipe advises against squeezing the moisture out of the shredded carrots, ensuring maximum moistness and flavour.

Tips for the best carrot cake

To achieve the best results, follow she advises:

  1. Use crushed pineapple in 100% pineapple juice: Drain it well to avoid excess moisture in your batter.
  2. Opt for sweetened coconut: It rounds out the cake’s flavor and is easier to find.
  3. Ensure eggs are at room temperature: This helps the cake bake evenly.
  4. Cool the cake layers completely before frosting: This prevents the frosting from melting and ensures a perfect finish.

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