How to cook a fried egg in 2 minutes without frying

Eggs are an incredible way to add protein to your diet, which will fill you up for longer.

While eggs are enjoyed in many different ways – like scrambled, poached and boiled – having them fried is a winner for most.

Instead of turning on the hob can fetching a frying pan, Diane, of the food blog Best Recipe Box, recommends using the microwave to cook them.

She said: “Our microwave-fried eggs recipe for breakfast will change your life.

“It’s quick, easy and delicious like a healthy ‘fried egg’. Making eggs in the microwave is definitely a game changer, especially on busy mornings when you need a quick breakfast.”


One or two large eggs

Salt, to taste

Pepper, to taste

Oil spray


Start by lightly oiling the inside of a medium microwave-safe bowl, crack the egg(s) into the bowl and season with salt and pepper to taste.

Eggs vary in size from small to extra large so that means microwaving times can vary too.

This recipe calls for using large eggs, so if you’re cooking small or medium eggs, just know that they might cook a little quicker, especially if it’s a small egg. Extra large eggs might take another few seconds to cook through.

When cooking eggs and you don’t have a small dish or microwave-safe bowl, you can easily make these microwave eggs in a microwave-safe mug.

The next step is to pierce the egg yolks(s) with the tip of a pointy knife – this is crucial to prevent them from potentially popping when microwaving.

After, cover the plate with a microwave-safe lid or another plate to speed up the cooking process and prevent the yolk from drying out before the whites are cooked.

For one egg, microwave on high for 30 seconds. Let the egg stand for one minute covered before removing the plate to check if it is ready.

If needed, cover again and continue microwaving in 15 to 20-second intervals until cooked to your preference.

For two eggs, repeat the process but cook the eggs for one minute rather than 30 seconds.

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