How to clean oven glass door without hard scrubbing in 20 minutes

Oven glass doors can be the trickiest parts of the oven to clean as food tends to splatter on them and get burnt on with the heat.

The more and more the glass is left dirty, the harder it will be to clean. This is exactly what one cleaning enthusiast found to be true.

Posting pictures of her oven glass door covered brown by the stains, Emma Greene shared her tried and tested method that took her just 20 minutes of “not very hard scrubbing”.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page, Emma said: “Just got to say thank you to whoever found out about the dishwasher tablet on oven glass door. It’s a god-saver.

“Been putting it off for far too long as it normally takes hours of hard scrubbing, but look at the difference.

“20 minutes of not very hard scrubbing a bit of horrid coloured water, a couple of dishwasher tablets later and a sponge that needs the bin.”

Emma posted an after picture in which the glass was gleaming and had no stains left behind.

For her method, Emma explained: “I tried with just the tablet but it crumbled into a mess on the floor.

“I ended up just wiping hot water over the door with a sponge. Then through trial and error, the best way was to put the dishwasher tablet on the hot damp sponge and rub it over the door.

“Start in a corner first, then gradually do the rest. Then I wiped it down with a bit of kitchen towel and repeated any bits that were needed.

“Keep cleaning the sponge though or you’re just transferring the grease. Hope that makes sense.”

Any type of kitchen sponge and dishwasher tablets can be used for this. You can pick up a pack of 30 dishwasher tablets for £1.49 at Sainsbury’s and a pack of 40 from Morrisons for £1.99.

The post received thousands of likes and over 500 comments from fellow group members, many of whom were impressed.

Jean Lawrie said: “Dishwasher tablets 100 percent for ovens and oven pans.” Connie Moore wrote: “I posted about doing this the other day, but your way sounds like it was quicker than mine. Very satisfying.”

Gemma Butler commented: “This trick is an absolute game changer. I got to work with the dishwasher tablet and some hot water. It came up great! Less than 15 minutes work too. I never clean the oven any other way now.”

Carly Hill wrote: “It’s the best, isn’t it? I use them [dishwasher tablets] for all sorts of cleaning now.”

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