Guava Mole With Chicken and Roasted Sweet Potatoes Recipe

Regional Mexican mole de frutas use seasonal fruit for lighter, fragrant, vibrant sauces. This mole de guayaba that I make for my Día de Muertos ofrenda combines fruity guajillo chiles with blistered tomato, onions and garlic and is perfumed with poached guavas, oregano, cinnamon and crushed cloves. Sesame seeds thicken the mixture, and overripe plantain creates a silky texture. It has the consistency of melted ice cream.

Start the chicken in a cold skillet and then turn up the heat, so the fat slowly renders and the skin turns golden brown and crispy. The crackly layer of skin keeps the tender meat juicy. The chicken is finished in an oven with sliced sweet potatoes and seeded guavas. It’s as simple as a roast chicken gets. Or serve this mole with boiled chicken, or a slow-roasted salmon. You can’t go wrong.

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