Token Launch Turns Into A Nightmare As Price Dives 98%

The decentralized social network, launched in August 2023, is facing a significant setback as its native token, FRIEND, experiences a staggering 98.5% drop in value. 

Investors who participated in the recent airdrop of FRIEND tokens have expressed serious concerns about the development, highlighting issues with token claiming and app functionality.

Investors Hit Hard As FRIEND Token Crashes

Upon its debut, the FRIEND token entered the market with a trading price of $169 per token, attracting 18,000 holders, and boasting a circulating supply of 14 million tokens. 

However, the current trading price has plummeted to approximately $1.26, resulting in a market cap of $27.7 million and liquidity of $5.4 million, according to DexScreener data, leaving many investors frustrated. 

FRIEND’s price crash in 24 hours. Source: DexScreener

The airdrop process, which aimed to distribute tokens to the community, has faced its fair share of challenges. Users on social media site X (formerly Twitter) expressed frustration over the declining value of their airdropped tokens. 

Some claimants experienced difficulties claiming their tokens, while others reported watching the value of their holdings diminish significantly in hours. 

One user even accused a prominent figure of orchestrating a rug pull, further fueling the community’s discontent. 

DeFi Researcher Slams V2 Launch

Despite the current downturn, some crypto analysts predict a potential recovery for the FRIEND token. Notably, crypto analyst Daan Crypto Trades suggests that the token’s value may rise in the future, emphasizing that market sentiment may change once users start to see returns on their investments.

However, concerns remain regarding the functionality of the app, which experienced significant issues during its initial weeks.

DeFi researcher DeFi Ignas expressed disappointment in’s V2 launch, describing it as a “massive flop.” Ignas criticized the app’s usability issues and questioned whether the team’s focus was misplaced during development. Speculation arose regarding whether the team deliberately orchestrated a price decline to prompt a subsequent surge in value.

Despite this, the self-proclaimed number one creator on’s platform, using the pseudonym “Captain Levi,” stated the following in support of the token:

The dump is brutal but actually healthy as jeeters sell at heavily discounted prices while real users have not even waken up to the full potential of V2 and money clubs given the app barely works. think we already saw bottom and price should slowly recover as users buy clubs

As grapples with the challenges surrounding the FRIEND token, the crypto community eagerly awaits improvements in app functionality and a potential revival of the token’s value.
The daily chart shows the total crypto market cap’s valuation at $2.2 trillion. Source: TOTAL on

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