French Open news: Carlos Alcaraz given warning as tournament chief demands ‘respect’ | Tennis | Sport

Daniil Medvedev has explained the difficulty of playing in front of the French Open crowds, who fall into the minority of fans breaking an unwritten rule.

It comes after Iga Swiatek urged the crowd not to shout out in-between points after storming back to defeat Naomi Osaka in a thrilling second-round match.

And Medvedev agreed that it could get tricky when players arrived at Roland Garros and realised the fans weren’t going to be quiet.

“I think it’s very tough, because there are two ways. So right now, in a way, there are, like, the kind of, I would say, unofficial rule – or actually an official rule, don’t interrupt players before second serve and when they’re ready to serve and during the point.

“Personally, I like it. Because I think, I don’t know if there are other sports than tennis and golf that have it, but because it’s so technical and, like, I would say every millimetre of a movement you change, the ball is going to go different side.

“So, you know, if someone screams in your ear, your serve, you could double fault. That’s as easy as that. That’s not good. At the other side, if there would be no this rule and it would be allowed all the time, I think we would get used to it.”


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