F1 LIVE: Ferrari hit with unusual fine as Lewis Hamilton fires warning shot to Red Bull | F1 | Sport

Jacques Villeneuve, who is on punditry duties for Sky Sports this weekend, did not hold anything back in a brutal assessement of Daniel Ricciardo after practice on Friday.

He said: “We are hearing the same thing now for the last four or five years: ‘We have to make the car better for him’. Sorry, it’s been five years of that. No, you are in F1.

“Maybe you make that effort for Lewis Hamilton who has won multiple championships. You don’t make that effort for a driver who can’t cut it.

“If you can’t cut it, go home, there’s someone else to take your place. That’s how it’s always been in racing, it’s the pinnacle of the sport. There’s no reason to keep going and to keep finding excuses.

“You all talk about that first season or first two seasons, he was beating a [Sebastian] Vettel that was burnt out, that was trying to invent things with the car to go win and just making a mess of his weekends.

“Then he was beating for half a season [Max] Verstappen when Verstappen was 18 years old, just starting. That was it. He stopped beating anyone after that.”

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