Diana’s hairdresser has one top tip for keeping hair fresh

A celebrity hair expert who’s styled the likes of Princess Diana, Gwenyth Paltrow and even George Michael, has shared his top tip for summer.

Social media is flooded with countless unconventional ‘beauty hacks’ – from adding glitter to shampoo to garden snail ‘facials’. And separating the truths from baseless myths is increasingly challenging.

Fortunately, Nicky Clarke OBE is here to help, confirming one golden TikTok trick will ensure your locks stay fresh during the summer months. This is particularly relevant for those planning to soak up the sun, as its impact on your hair can be worryingly significant.

“One of the easiest things you can do is purchase hair products formulated with UV protection,” Nicky explained in an interview with Vitabiotics. “It’s second nature to protect our skin from excessive sun exposure, but many people either don’t realise or highly underestimate the damaging power of the sun on your locks.”

Surprisingly, human hair is just as vulnerable to UV damage as skin. And like the rest of our body, our scalps can burn in the sun, increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Sun rays can weaken the protein structures in your hair, resulting in dull, dry and brittle strands. Nicky noted that greying hair is especially susceptible to this due to its melanin content.

Nicky explained: “If you have grey hair, then you must be extra diligent with your hair care protection.

“Grey hair can also be left with a slight yellow tinge on the top layer, so it’s essential to apply protective products or even wear a hat if you can. As grey hair has less melanin, it’s more vulnerable to UV, which can leave it super brittle and porous.”

The hair expert’s advice follows a TikTok video that went viral last year. In the clip, creator Daviana (@itsdavianaa) emphasised the importance of protecting your hair from the sun while showcasing various beauty salon products.

While there are numerous UV hair protectants available, Nicky specifically endorses LifeSaver UV from the Michael Van Clarke professional range. Having been tested in the scorching heat of Israel’s Negev desert and the sun-soaked Maldives, he believes it’s unparalleled.

He stated: “Its proven ability to protect from thinning, breakage and colour fade is unmatched. As a leave-in styling product, it’s the year-round go-to for soft frizz-free waves… Our hair is just as susceptible to UV damage, which weakens the protein structures and removes moisture, leaving hair dull and brittle.”

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