Britons told to avoid keeping milk in door compartment of fridge

Home insurance expert Chris Beasley shared the best hacks to organise the fridge to make your food last longer and save hundreds of pounds.

He said that being organised means “you know where to find things and are less likely to have food that you’ve forgotten about languishing at the back of your fridge”.

It also means less food waste which “is good for your pocket because you’re not buying things you already have”.

Most people keep their milk in the door compartment, but Chris revealed that’s not the best place to keep it fresh for longer.

Door compartments are actually the warmest spot in the fridge, and temperatures fluctuate each time the door is opened and closed, causing milk stored there to spoil quicker.

Milk should always be kept at around 2C, which is typically the temperature at the back or bottom of the fridge.

Similar to milk, other items should not be stored in the door. Cream lasts longer when stored in a cool spot in the fridge – so avoid the door.

Eggs should be kept at a consistent temperature, “which is why you might find they keep better on the top or middle shelf of your fridge”.

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