White Noise Sound Machine Will Save Your Sleep For Just $15

I cannot even explain how much of a lifesaver this thing has been. I’ve used a fan for years and my husband has recently come clean that it bothers his sinuses and makes him wake up extra dry. Took a shot in the dark on this bad boy and holy best decision ever, Batman. The white noise is my personal favorite because it mimics my fan. The other settings are really nice, too, although not really my style so I’ll reserve any real judgment on those for others. My kids like the crickets and ocean settings and it knocks them out cold in no time, so that’s a double whammy for moms of younger kids.

The timer is something of a dream in and of itself; since the old man works late, I tend to go to bed first and usually set it on 30 mins. It’s off by the time my husband joins me so he doesn’t have to listen to it. Should I wake up in the middle of the night I can just slap that beast on another 30 mins and boom, out again.

The small size of it is helpful in conjunction with the volume, since you can put it on the nightstand and have it quieter -or- set it across the room and surround yourself with ocean waves. The controls are practically foolproof and whatever your flavor, this thing can’t be beat for the price. Probably the best investment – sleep always is – I’ve made in a long time.” — Katie

We’ve had this for five years and still love it. We listen to ocean sounds every night, all night long. That’s are our favorite but we occasionally switch it up with some of the other sounds. We’ve bought and given a few of them to retiree friends, and wives of snorers. Highly recommend.” — jas67

We adopted a rescue dog 3 months ago and he is wonderful, but he howls when a person, dog, or vehicle drives or walks by. During the day it’s just annoying, but when we’re sleeping, it was awful. He could hear and/or sense them even though we are on the second floor and our blinds are drawn. We tried a few things that didn’t work and someone we know suggested using a white noise machine.

It has been nearly miraculous and VERY effective. Whether he is sleeping in his crate or in bed with us (the vast majority of the time), he has only barked once since using it. There is someone who lives several doors down from us who works odd hours and sometimes comes or goes at 11:00 PM and another person who sometimes leaves in the wee hours and park in our parking lot not far from our home.” — Eileen Ct

At first I bought this for me as my wife snores really loudly. I have since used this for my dogs instead to help them sleep and stay quiet during the night. Usually sounds from outside whether that be a car door shutting, leaves blowing in the wind, other dogs barking…etc…you name it and they were barking their fool heads off at 2am. This not only peeved me off, but also my neighbors.

That is when I decided to try this out for them. I put it on the white noise sound and turn it up loud enough to mask other noises. It is a sanity saver!!!!!! I didnt want to use bark collars etc…so I’m so glad this works!” — Jason J Wilson

The first time I encountered this machine was at an Airbnb, and it was love at first sound for me. I raced home to get one for myself because every sound option just hit the right note for me. My partner was equally impressed and ended up getting one too. The summer night setting has become my nightly ritual; it’s my absolute favorite. What’s great is that all the other sounds are equally enchanting, and there’s no annoying loop that keeps me awake—something I’ve struggled with other noise machines. Plus, it’s super portable and can crank up the volume when needed. The design is sleek, minimalist, and user-friendly.” — S.P.

“I’ve struggled with insomnia and night terrors for years and after ordering the sound machine, I sleep so relaxed listening to the ocean or a rain storm. The sound is perfect because it can be loud for trying to drown out the background noise of children or a busy highway or if you live near a train station. I also use this in my yoga practice to add to the meditation process!This is perfect!” — Nicole blankenship

My family all need white noise to sleep, so we needed a battery-powered solution for camping. After more than a week’s worth of overnights this summer, I still haven’t needed to change the batteries. The rain sound is perfectly fine and the volume is highly adjustable. My only complaint is that the power button on the top presses very easily and gets bumped on during travel often.” — Laura Beskitt

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