Experts explain how to poop more regularly and how often you should go

Experts have had their say on how to make yourself poop more regularly and how often you should find youself on the loo.

Boffins say how many times you should be pooping is the number one question they get about number twos.

But they say there’s no right or wrong answer, and how often you should find yourself popping to the lavatory is down to the individual.

Dr. Anju Malieckal, a board-certified gastroenterologist at NYU Langone Hospital—Brooklyn, told TODAY that everybody’s bowel movement schedule is different.

Malieckal says a variety of factors can impact how often you poo, including age, lifestyle, diet, stress, medical conditions, and medications.

She explains some people can find themselves pooping every day while others can have a bowel movement every two to three days.

Jena Casper, a nurse practitioner in gastroenterology at the Mayo Clinic Health System meanwhile explained some people struggle to poo when away from home, whether that’s at work, on holiday or even at a friend’s house – a phenomenon she called “vacation constipation”.

Bowel movements also change as we age, meaning the length of time the stool stays in your colon and how long it takes to go through your body can become longer.

It’s about quality not quantity

Dr. Christine Lee, a gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic, says more bowel movements don’t neccessarily mean better.

She explained: “It’s really not about how often you go to the bathroom. … What’s more important is how well you got the job done.

“If you feel good, empty, relieved … and you have no pressure or pain, that’s a pretty good indication.”

She explains a normal stool should be typically some shade of brown, smooth, and not too firm or soft.

Dr Lee says going multiple times a day might not make you a “super-pooper” but could mean you might simply need multiple goes to get the job done.

The experts said the overall goal should be to have quality bowel movements instead of a set number.

How to poop regularly 

Experts say millions of people suffer from regular constipation and it’s the most common gastrointestinal complaint to doctors.

They say anyone wanting more regular bowel movements should increase their exercise, up their fibre intake, and drink more water.

The American Food and Drug Administrations recommends 28 grams of fibre a day in your diet. So eating more fruit and vegetables or taking supplements could help.

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