Devastating attack cripples Crimea’s Kerch Bridge as Russia rocked | World | News

Explosions were heard on Wednesday near the bridge that links the Crimean Peninsula with Russia.

The sounds of explosions were heard in the occupied cities of Kerch and Dzhankoi in Crimea during the late hours of May 29, according to the Telegram channel of Crimean Bridge: Operational Information.

This prompted Russian occupation authorities to temporarily close the bridge and activate air defenses across the territory.

“Those on the bridge and in the inspection area are asked to remain calm and follow the instructions of transport security officers,” officials said.

There was no reported damage to the Kerch Strait Bridge, which re-opened within the hour following the explosions, the Telegram channel Radar Crimea reported.

At least three naval drones were reportedly destroyed by the Russian military, though there has not yet been an official confirmation or statement by Moscow.

Unconfirmed videos later surfaced online depicting an explosion in the Kerch area as air raid sirens blared in Feodosia.

A total of 20 explosions were heard across the Kerch region, the independent-run Telegram channel ASTRA reported.

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