Best Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Is Nearly 40% Off

“My girlfriend started talking about how she didnt know we were supposed to vacuum our mattresses and that it’s disgusting the stuff you can pull when you vaccum as she saw on a tiktok. I decided to go on amazon of course like I always do and found so many mattress vacuums. This one cought my eye and im so happy i purchased!! When it arrive i immediately gave it to my gf and the next time she cleaned our sheets she vacuumed the matress and lets just say it did it’s work haha!!! It has a UV bed cleaner which helps eliminate bacteria and it’s performance was amazing. We wash our pillows but still decided to give it a try and the HEPA filter was able to capture everything that was there. We couldnt believe it! We started doing our sofas and carpets and well lets just say my gf was soo happy with this purchase so happy gf= happy me! I absolutely recommend it.” — Jeffrey A.

“This is one super sucker!!! If you want to refresh your bedding or furniture and not spend a fortune then this is definitely the machine for your you !! It’s got power in access it wants to move across your seats of your couch or your bed it’s pulling it’s self with the wheels underneath while double protection cleaning with a UV light after the powerful suckers!!! German engineering at the highest level!!! The washable filter will last forever!!!! So no expensive replacement pieces that have to be purchased at all !!! This is great !!

I got this because I had some rather unwelcome ungrateful house guests who were very rude and very messy and nearly ruined my couch .. my very expensive couch !! Now I don’t have to replace it I can just clean it and get there discusting messes out of it 100% and feel comfortable again in my own home !! Along with being able to clean my own bedding and pillows! Yay!!” — Cristina Terry

“I am thoroughly impressed with this vacuum for beds and sofas. The motor is exceptionally powerful, allowing you to see all the dust and debris it pulls from your furniture. I’ve also tested it on various fabrics, including recliners and high stools in the kitchen, and it performed remarkably well. The suction quality is outstanding, capturing even the smallest particles. One of the best features is that it came fully assembled right out of the box, so I could start using it immediately. Additionally, the cord is quite long, providing excellent reach and convenience during use. This vacuum is a fantastic tool for maintaining clean and fresh furniture throughout the home.” — Reshu

“THIS is a household essential if you care about dust and dead skin cells all over your furniture and beds. I was just blown away when I looked at the filter after just vacuuming my sheets for a minute! Like wow, I could actually see the dead skin on the filter.

This item is one of those that I didn’t know I needed until I tried it!!! It’s a very powerful well made vacuum and I love the simple and safe design. It has roller wheels on the bottom that if they aren’t pressed down the UV light will not turn on, as a safety feature. The cord is nice and long, and the button to turn it on and off is located on the top, it is easy to hold and use, and the filter is also washable and comes with a metal screen pre-filter that goes over the HEPA filter! This is super handy to have for cleaning couches, pillows, car seats, mattresses, and any upholstery!” — stacy renee

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